[Trailer] Welcome to Family Tech Talk!

Welcome to Family Tech Talk, hosted by me, Sarah Kimmel, also known online as FamilyTech. I have been an IT manager for over 20 years, while raising 2 teenagers. Our homes have become just as complicated as corporate networks, and digital parenting can be overwhelming. You need real tech advice from an expert to help you flip the script and become the tech expert of your own home!

The tech news you get on other channels will give you a lot of “speeds and feeds” but here we let you know only about the tech news that is relevant to your home and your family.

On Family Tech Talk you will get real world advice from experts in their field on how they use technology to make their world a little easier. And since I speak fluent movie quotes, you may find a bit of pop culture sprinkled in.

Don’t be ruled by technology, take back the power and have a healthy relationship with the technology in your home, I can help you get there.