Hulu adds new parental control features

Yesterday Hulu quietly released an update to their app to allow parents to set a PIN on their account to restrict kids from accessing a parent’s profile. This is great news for parents everywhere who don’t exactly want their 8 year old accidentally watching the Handmaid’s Tale!

According to the help topic you can easily turn on this PIN protection by going to and then hover over your profile icon in the top right corner.

From there select “Manage Profiles”Toggle the “Turn on PIN Protection” to the on positionTap “Manage PIN” to change your PIN at any time.Save Changes

Your Hulu password will be required to make the adjustments. Once the PIN is created, viewers will be prompted to enter a PIN to switch to any of the profiles that are not specifically set as a “kids” profile. So the same PIN works across all of the adult profiles.

I love that more and more individual apps are realizing the importance of adding parental control features to the apps themselves. This is the FIRST layer of a good parental control strategy. In-app controls are one of the most important lines of defense for our kids, and more apps need to hop on board as soon as possible.

Yes, it can be a pain to manage the various parental control settings inside every app your children want to use, but this is the world we live in now. Protection of our children takes extra vigilance and effort. I think it’s worth it.

So, GREAT JOB HULU! Keep it up!